Stephen Burns

As a native of Colorado, I’ve grown up among the mountains and found they are very much part of me. From running past the flatirons of Boulder, riding the sandstone trails of Moab, to climbing granite spires of southern Wyoming, these places have always called out to me and resonated with something deep within. It was in 2014 that I found my way to the San Juan mountains to find a home truly in the midst of these epic hills. Telluride has allowed me the perfect playground to do all the things I love to do. In 2015 I began guiding mountain bike trips and working with youth doing outdoor adventures.  I later joined with Mountain Trip and have since been leading climbing, Via Ferrata and hiking trips, allowing me to share the experience of the mountains with others.

When not guiding you can find me running and riding my bike through the hills, climbing and hanging off of the cliffs of Moab, skiing our beautiful mountain, reading a book at the local coffee shop or traveling as an emcee for a local adventure documentary film festival.


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