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Join Mountain Trip for our Avalanche Rescue Course — a one day course designed to teach essential avalanche rescue skills.


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Ski Touring San JuansIf you ski in the resort sidecountry or backcountry in the San Juans, this avalanche rescue course is a great step in continuing to refresh and build your competency. Both you and your backcountry partners should know, with confidence, how to react in the event of an avalanche and properly manage the situation for the best possible outcome. Participants should be experienced backcountry skiers or splitboarders with either a Level 1 avalanche certification or equivalent experience, and should provide all of their own equipment, including beacon, shovel, probe and touring gear.

Whether you are just getting into the backcountry or have been skiing the local out-of-bounds terrain for years, this avalanche rescue course will help dial in your reaction to an avalanche accident.

Bring your ski partners! The maximum number of participants for the course is 12, but we will open another course if this one fills. The more of the Telluride backcountry community that we can get on the same page, the better.  For inspiration, watch the video Rescue at Cherry Bowl

Ski San Juan BackcountryAvalanche Rescue Course Outline:

  • Meet at the Telluride Fire Hall at 8 a.m. with all of your backcountry touring equipment and the safety gear that you typically travel with in the backcountry, including your beacon, shovel, probe. (Optional: airbag pack, Avalung, radios)
  • Go over equipment use and additional evacuation tools, including rescue sleds, and review beacon functions including how to check yourself and your partners before heading into the field.
  • Describe the essential skills involved in an avalanche rescue, managing the scene, beacon searches, probing, shoveling, and evacuation of an injured party.
  • List local resources including Telluride Search and Rescue, and how and when to contact them.
  • Plan out a complex avalanche rescue scenario and introduce the roles of group members, the importance of a trip leader and scene assessment.
  • Head into the field (exact location TBD) and practice individual skills, including beacon searches and recovery.
  • Conclude with an avalanche rescue scenario from initial incident through search and evacuation of an injured party.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Understand what to do in case they, or a member of their party are involved in an avalanche.
  • Be familiar with  beacon, shove, probe and radio.
  • Improve their single beacon searches and be introduced to complex/multiple burial situation.
  • Know what the local resources are for avalanche rescue and how to contact them.
  • Understand the importance of practicing rescue skills and make a plan to continue to improve.

When and Where:

January 20, 2018, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meet at the Telluride Fire Hall.

Cost: $80 per participantNormally this is $120/person!  The Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund is helping to offset the cost of tuition for each participant!!

Read about the Peter Inglis Avalanche Education Fund

Call the Mountain Trip office at 907.369.1153 or stop by (we are on Main Street!)


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