Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari Recap

Waking up slowly in my tent on the slopes on Kilimanjaro, I heard camp beginning to stir. Local guides, porters and climbers started to emerge from their tents dotting the Shira I campsite. From a variety of different directions, the common Swahili greeting “Jambo” was being tossed around. In varying degrees of pre-coffee stupor, some…


Moose’s Tooth Alpine Climb

“Ham and Eggs” By Nick Aiello-Popeo, 2017 While most visitors to the Central Alaska Range toil under heavy loads on Denali’s West Buttress, some of us prefer the relatively-smaller surrounding peaks, with their steeper faces and lighter backpacks. It was during my first trip up Denali in 2010, while flipping through a well-worn guidebook in…

Powder Turns AK Ski

Avalanche Rescue Course 2018

Join Mountain Trip for our Avalanche Rescue Course — a one day course designed to teach essential avalanche rescue skills. UPCOMING COURSE DATE: TBD [civigravity_template_event etemplate=”66″ gid=”17″] If you ski in the resort sidecountry or backcountry in the San Juans, this avalanche rescue course is a great step in continuing to refresh and build your…