Ecuador -Climbing Volcanoes with Southwest Adventure Guides

“Allillachu Kapangui!”

A few months ago, our good friend Nate Disser at Southwest Adventure Guides told me that he was organizing a trip to go climb some of the Ecuadorian volcanoes. He mentioned that some of the climbers on his team were also interested in heading north to Denali in the spring. As we talked, I asked him if I could join him on his trip, as I have spent a year of my life studying and climbing in Ecuador, but have not been down there in far too long and I relished the opportunity to work with another respected guide service on such a fun trip.

On Monday, three guides from Southwest Adventure Guides and I will head to the equator to prep for a two week trip with 10 climbers in one of the more indigenous-culturally rich countries in South America. We’ll post occasional updates on our blog and some photos, in the hopes of exposing you all to another great area to gain altitude experience, while partaking in some really fun climbing on big, glaciated volcanoes.

I’ve been brushing up on my Quechua, and will sign off with a prayer to Father Mountain used in the highlands:

“Alpamandu cilukaman, Tayata Urku, diuselupagui.” (From the earth to the sky, Father Mountain, we give you thanks – loose translation, as I’m a bit rusty- it’s only been 20 years since grad school!)


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