Guide Training in Alaska

We just wrapped up a great week of guide training up in Alaska and the first expedition is now packing and getting ready to head into the Alaska Range.    We spent the last week with a bunch of our senior guides talking about decision making, risk management, and then proceeding to jump into crevasses.   It is always fun to get together with the crew and work on our professional development.

We’re all excited to kick off Mountain Trip’s 39th season guiding in the Alaska Range!

Here’s some pics from our 2012 spring training.


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  1. May 6th Expedition – Denali
    Hello Nicholas,
    It is May 6th and I think you are packing for your first trip of the season. have a joyous travel, hike light, and keep your mom in your back pocket so that I can see the sights with you.
    I am excited for you,
    Your Mom

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