Cho Oyu – 8,201 meters

A guided Cho Oyu Expedition with Mountain Trip is the perfect choice for the mountaineer with some experience at altitude who is looking to attempt an 8,000 meter peak.  Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain in the world, and a great place to tackle your fist Himalayan giant. Climbers who have done well on Denali are good candidates to be successful on a Cho Oyu Expedition. This is a classic Himalayan Giant and a great place to get experience with the extreme altitude found only in the Himalaya. Climbing Cho Oyu is perhaps the best way to prepare for your best shot at success on Mt. Everest.

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Cho Oyu is on the Tibet/Nepal border and is most commonly climbed from the Tibet side. On the approach to the mountain we will travel across the Tibetan plateau and have an opportunity to experience the unique Tibetan culture. Climbing expeditions have counted on the local Sherpa and Tibetan populations to support their Himalayan aspirations since the beginning. Our local staff is an important part of our success, safety and enjoyment of the trip.

Climbing Cho Oyu is a serious undertaking involving some technical terrain, mostly surmounted with fixed ropes and ascenders, as well as extreme high altitude and potentially harsh weather.  There is steep terrain where you will be front pointing with your crampons, and you will need to be comfortable rappelling a fixed line with your pack on.  We will use oxygen for sleeping at High Camp and for the summit day. The entire expedition takes approximately six weeks, so it involves a high level of commitment, both physically and mentally.

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu

Day 2: Team Meeting/Gear Check, Chinese Visas

Day 3: Explore Kathmandu

Day 4: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa (11,450 ft/3,490 meters)

Day 5-6: Explore Lhasa.  Acclimatize and enjoy the culture of the capitol of Tibet.

Day 7: Drive to Shigatse (12,400 ft/ 3,782 meters)

Day 8: Day in Shigatse.  Acclimate and explore the Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Day 9: Drive to Tingri.  (14,100 ft/ 4,300 meters)

Day 10:  Acclimatize and explore in Tingri.

Day 11: Drive to Cho Oyu Basecamp. (15,500ft/ 4725 meters)

Day 12-13: Prepare equipment and acclimatization hikes around BC

Day 14-15: Trek to Advanced base camp (5,650m)

Days 16-18: Rest, acclimate and explore advanced base camp/organize equipment

Days 19 – 28: We’ll make a couple of rotations up to Camp 1 on the shoulder of the West Ridge and establish high camps and acclimatize up to Camp 2 (23,100ft/7000m).  We will typically do 2 rotations to acclimatize, first up to Camp 1 followed by a rest at Advanced Base Camp, then a second rotation which includes a night a Camp 2 and a climb to Camp 3 (23,500ft/7470m).  On the summit push, we will finally spend the night at Camp 3, where we will plan to start using Oxygen.

Days 29 – 33: Summit climb

Days 34 – 38: Weather/Contingency days

Days 38 – 41: Return to base camp and begin drive back to Nepal (Tingri)

Day 42 – 43: Drive back to Kathmandu

Day 44: Recover and celebrate in Kathmandu!

Day 45: Flights on towards home

Refunds and Cancellations

Mountain Trip recognizes how difficult and disappointing it can be for climbers who must cancel expeditions which they have planned for a long time. Team members must also recognize that, due to the nature of planning expeditions and dealing with governmental permits and regulations, Mountain Trip also accrues significant expenses in the months prior to expedition departure dates. We must therefore adhere to a strict refund policy for all climbers. Trip cancellation and travel insurance is generally available for all expeditions. U.S. and Canadian residents should contact us for more information regarding travel insurance. Our refund and cancellation policy is outlined below.

  • All expeditions require a deposit to secure a spot on the team. Your submission of a deposit constitutes your acceptance of this Fee Schedule, Refund and Cancellation Policy.
  • All deposits for Cho Oyu expeditions include a non-refundable $1500 administration fee.
  • Final payments for expeditions must be received 120 days prior to the Team Meeting Day.
  • Failure to pay expedition fees by the date they are due constitutes cancellation of your spot on the team and forfeiture of your deposit.
  • Any cancellation 120+ days before your Team Meeting Day will be refunded in full, less the administration fee.
  • If you cancel 120-90 days before your Team Meeting Day, you are eligible for a refund of 50% of any monies paid, less the deposit.
  • No refunds will be provided for cancellations occurring within the last 89 days prior to an expedition.
  • All requests for refunds must be made in writing and received in our Colorado office.
  • If you register for a climb within 90 days of the Team Meeting Date, expedition fees will be due in full to secure your spot on the team.
  • Mountain Trip reserves the right to cancel an expedition prior to the departure date for any reason. In such an event, all monies collected by Mountain Trip from team members for that expedition shall be promptly refunded. This is the extent of our financial liability.


Inclusions and Exclusions

Included in the Trip Fee:

  • Mountain Trip Guide.  Your expedition will be led by one of our guides with extensive 8000 meter experience.
  • Climbing permits
  • Sherpa support.  We have an all-star team of Sherpa who also work with us on Everest.
  • All oxygen and equipment (Top-Out masks, regulators)
  • Ground transportation from Kathmandu to Cho Oyu base camp
  • 4 nights hotel lodging in Kathmandu at a 4-star hotel
  • Welcome Dinner in Kathmandu
  • All food and lodging during the drive to BC
  • Luxurious base camp facilities, including private tents at BC, solar power, heaters and carpeting in our dining dome at BC
  • Group climbing and camping equipment
  • Fixed line fees, Liaison officer fees, Sherpa and LO equipment charges
  • All yaks and porter support to/from Advanced Base Camp
  • Expedition Dispatches so your friends and family can follow along on your adventure.

Not Included in the Trip Fee:

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance.  This is very strongly recommended!
  • International flights to and from Nepal
  • Kathmandu personal expenses (apart from those included above)
  • Personal equipment per our equipment list
  • Chinese Visa
  • Gratuities for local staff and Mountain Trip staff
  • Sodas, beer, bottled water, internet, and assorted “extras” during the drive to Cho Oyu Base Camp
  • Satellite Phone and internet(wifi) use other than the team email account can be arranged for an additional charge.
  • Expenses incurred if you need to leave the trip early
  • Expenses incurred due to delays beyond the control of Mountain Trip


General Agreement Concerning Services to be Provided And Responsibilities of Team Members

When registering for an expedition with Mountain Trip we want to help make sure you understand the services we are providing and the services you are responsible for.

Transportation is incidental

The main purpose of becoming a team member is to join us on an expedition in the mountains. As such any transportation we provide or that you may contract for on your own is incidental to the trip. We suggest that you make sure you have time built into your itinerary for delays.

Transportation to and from your destination

We will designate a specific Team Meeting Day for your expedition. Transportation to the meeting point on your Team Meeting Day is to be provided by you. You must arrive in time to be ready to participate in a team meeting at the appointed time on the Team Meeting Day for your expedition. Expedition climbing is very dynamic and we will provide you with a recommendation as to when you should book your flights to and from your destination. We suggest you book a ticket that allows you to change your flight with little effort or cost.

Lodging off the mountain

Mountain Trip will provide lodging per the Inclusions and Exclusions section above. Any additional lodging is your responsibility. Don’t worry about booking a room after your expedition. We generally don’t know how long we’ll be in the mountains, and we can help arrange lodging when we return to “civilization.”

Responsibilities of Team Members

You are ultimately responsible for your own well-being, including making all necessary preparations to ensure good health and physical conditioning. You are responsible for understanding the conditions that may exist on the climb and choosing a climb that is appropriate for your abilities and interests. You are responsible for having knowledge of all pre-departure information and for assembling the appropriate clothing and equipment for your climb.

While on the expedition, team members are responsible to maintain basic levels of hygiene and to conduct themselves respectfully with other team members and members of the local population. If a guide feels that a team member is putting other members’ health or safety at risk, the guide has the discretion to remove a team member from an expedition.

Use our office staff and your lead guide as pre-trip resources to ensure that all your questions are answered. Travel insurance may help recoup expenses if you need to leave an expedition due to an illness.

Airline Responsibility Passenger/Airline contracts are in effect while team members are on board any aircraft contracted for use in the expedition.

No Guaranteed Outcomes

While it is one of our goals to help every climber on every Mountain Trip expedition reach the summit, Mountain Trip cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit.  Any number of factors, including weather, the conditions encountered on the route, your personal level of fitness or ability, the abilities of your team mate(s) or any number of other circumstances might result in you and/or your team turning around before reaching the summit.  Failure to reach the summit due to any reason associated with mountaineering, such as weather, team dynamics, route conditions, avalanche hazard, rockfall hazard, etc, or due to your lack of fitness or preparation are not the responsibility of Mountain Trip and will not result in a refund or a rescheduling of your expedition.