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Join Telluride’s only American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) accredited guide service for high alpine trekking, the famous Telluride Via Ferrata, rock and ice climbing, backcountry skiing… Choose your dream and let Mountain Trip help make it a reality.  Mountain Trip is Telluride’s local mountain guides and ski guides and we are  committed to high standards of training and professionalism.

Welcome to our home in beautiful Telluride, Colorado!

Located in the southwest corner of the state, where the southern San Juan Mountains drop off to the desert country of southeast Utah, we have many lifetimes of adventure to pursue right outside Mountain Trip HQ.  If your travel plans bring you to Telluride, or if you are looking to experience one of the most stunning regions in the US, we would love to enhance your trip by helping you access some of the excitement and beauty for which the area is world renowned.

Mountain Trip is well known for guiding big expeditions in Alaska and around the world, guiding the “7 Summits” including 20+ expeditions to Denali in Alaska each year as well as expeditions to Mount Everest and family friendly treks in Nepal.   Our home office for all of these worldwide adventures is right in downtown Telluride in the heart of the San Juan Mountains.  We bring our high standards of guiding to our local program and provide exceptional client experiences in the mountains that we call our home.

Rock Climbing | Via Ferrata | Alpine Climbing 14’ers and 13’ers | Trekking and Backpacking

Ice Climbing | Backcountry Ski/Snowboarding | Mountaineering Courses

**Mountain Trip is permitted to guide in the Gunnison and Uncompahgre National Forest and in the world famous Ouray Ice Park.  Mountain Trip is an authorized concessionaire of Denali National Park. 

Mountain Trip is an AMGA Accredited guide service

What does AMGA accredited business mean for you?  It means that Mountain Trip has committed to operating at high technical standards and guides receive training through the American Mountain Guides Association and our company.  You can rest assured that your guides are operating at a high level of professionalism and have been received appropriate training in the terrain they are guiding in.  The AMGA is the US member of the IFMGA, insuring that US guides are trained and operating at an internationally recognized standard.  AMGA Accredited Business

Established in 1986, the AMGA Accreditation Program endorses guide services, climbing programs, and/or school or university outdoor programs that offer climbing instruction, guided climbing, or skiing services. Accreditation provides a consistent standard for judging the reliability and professionalism of a climbing service by ensuring it:

  • Conforms to industry standards;
  • Guarantees rigorous and uniform guide training;
  • Is compliant with state and federal law;
  • Promotes ethical business practices.


  • Businesses are committed to high technical standards, strong programs, and a quality staff of engaged and engaging climbing instructors and guides;
  • Businesses have AMGA certified guides and climbing instructors on staff.
  • Businesses encourage staff members to pursue AMGA certification, provide mentoring, and support staff through the AMGA training and certification process.
  • Accredited businesses conduct annual terrain specific trainings utilizing AMGA certified staff members.

Stop by and say Hello to Telluride’s Local Mountain Guides

Mountain Trip Sign Telluride, COOur office is right on Main Street (Colorado Ave.) in downtown Telluride!

Mountain Trip HQ
135 W. Colorado Ave., Unit 2A
Telluride, CO 81435