Aconcagua Team is Back in Mendoza!

Howdy All!  We apologize for the delay in posting, but we had a server issue that kept us offline for a couple of days.

The team descended from high camp on the 12th and arrived at the Plaze de Mulas base camp a bit pooped, but happy after having stood on the summit on February 11th.  The descent is a whopper, dropping close to 6000′ from Camp Cholera to the warmth and thick air of the upper Horcones Valley on the west side of the mountain.

Today, the team sorted their equipment and packed loads for mules to carry out the Horcones.  They then started the long, dusty hike down the valley, hiking about 15 miles in about 7 hours, and descending another 5000′.  They arrived at the trailhead, where they were met by our friends from Fernando Grajales Expeditions, who picked up the group and facilitated their transfer back to Mendoza.

It is Carnival in Mendoza this weekend, which is one of the biggest parties and tourist weekends of the year.  We had challenging time finding accommodations, but the team is now showered and sleeping soundly at the Sheraton Hotel.

We will post some more details about their climb, along with some photos from the team in the next day or two.  Until then, we would like to once again extend a hearty “WELL DONE!”

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