Aconcagua Team – Moved to Camp 2

I just got off the phone with a very happy Zach Jonhson, who was excited because of how well everyone on our Aconcagua team is moving up the mountain.
The team made a carry of food and gear yesterday and made short work of the roughly 1,500′ elevation gain between camps. Today, they took a long rest at the col (saddle) between Aconcagua and Cerro Ameghino, but still made it to camp in just over two hours.
The team will spend the next three nights at Camp 2, which also goes by the name of “Helicopter Camp,” so given because of a wrecked helicopter just above the tent sites. There isn’t much left of the chopper these days, but the bits that remain are a reminder that mountains can be unforgiving, and that we need to remain vigilant and attentive.

Today, however, the team will give attention to the crystal clear skies and the grandeur of the views from this camp. We have posted some images below of the views from Camp 2.

Aconcagua image

Looking east at Cerro Ameghino from Camp 2

View north from C2

The view of the Gussfeldt Range to the north, as seen from Camp 2. The beautiful peak at the left is Cerro La Mano. Anyone interested?

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