Lawrence Cutler calling from 14,200′

Lawrence called the following podcast in from 14,200′ camp.  It sounds like they tood a beating in the winds on Friday night, but have emerged with healthy appetites, and continued good humor.

The cook tent Lawrence refers to is a custom built, five sided structure with no floor.  It looks something like a pyramid, and is supported by a central pole rising to its apex.  The team dug a deep pit in the snow and carved benches and cooking shelves out of the snow and erected the tent above.  They are wonderful sanctuaries on weather days and it sounds like theirs has survived the storm!

I’m not sure what Jerry is heckling me about, but did I commit another slight to the Irish by allowing cheesecake to be served?  I’ll pay penance ahead of time with another dram of Red Breast to appease our Irish colleague (I’m not entirely sure what a dram is, but I think that;s what they say over there…)

Here’s Lawrence:

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]

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