Chris Checks in From High Camp

Chris called in tonight’s post from high camp.  They did not go for the summit today, as high winds prevented an attempt.  The post is a bit garbled, due to the challenges of calling via satellite phone from such norther latitudes, but most of his message is clear.  I had to chuckle at his “Groundhog Day” reference, as it sure does feel akin to what Bill Murray went through in the movie, when you are waking up each morning and preparing for a summit bid.  You can’t summit if you’re not ready, so you really need to get up and get ready each morning, and sometimes this reoccurs over…and over… and over…  Ahhh, the glory of big mountain climbing!  It is a huge mental challenge, and kudos to the team for hanging in there!!!

Here is Chris:

[audio:|titles=Audio Post]

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