Re-cap on Our 2nd Rotation – Crazy Wind Storm at Camp 2!

Lots has happened in the last few days!  On May 6th, Irek, Newall, Gregg and I made our way up to Camp 3 at 24,000 ft. in perfect weather. It was a very enjoyable, albeit difficult day.  We then spent another rest/acclimatization day in Camp 2 before coming down to BC this morning.

Last night after quite a nice day, the winds kicked up..and up. This was one of the bigger wind events I have seen at Camp 2.  It blew 50-80 mph all through the night and even harder this morning. We are fine, although our team lost 2 tents in the wind storm.  We are luckier than most as I would guess over 30% of all the tents in Camp 2 were destroyed.  It definitely provided more than a little excitement this morning.

All team members are now here in Base Camp and we are planning a short rest/recovery from spending the last 6 nights at and above 21,500 ft.  We are off to the small village of Dingboche in the morning.  Bill’s team left this morning so we will reunite with all tomorrow.  The summit is getting closer!

This last wind storm illustrates one the risks of pushing for the summitearly in the season.  An early summit is possible, but it is not always safest thing to plan on or most successful course of action.  From now on, we will watch the weather closely in order to make our rotation back up the hill and onto the summit!  However, until then, we are all looking forward to a few days rest!!

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp.

Scott and Newall holding on to our dining tent in the high winds

Near Camp 3 at 24,000 ft on the Lhotse face

Lots of tents destroyed at Camp 2 during the high wind event

Another team's tent blows into our camp!

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