December 26 Mount Vinson – Meet the Team!

Our December 26th team is arriving in the southern city of Punta Areans today.  The team is a mix of returning Mountain Trip climbers and climbers new to our family.  They come from very different parts of the world, but have the shared goal and interest in experiencing one of the most wild regions of the world.

Olivier Vriesendorp joins us from South Africa.

Nick Logic joines us from Arizona, USA.

Bill Cole has traveled from Alaska to join the team.

John Hill has also flown from South Africa to Punta Arenas.

Jacob Schmitz will lead the team up Mount Vinson.

Our friend Dan Elsberg will meet all the climbers and help them ensure that they have all the requisite and appropriate clothing and gear for their expedition.  The team will spend the next three nights in Punta Areans before boarding a Russian cargo jet for the 4.5 hour flight to the vast Union Glacier.  Our teams arrive one day earlier than most, as we have seen more than a few flight delays over the years, and we want to make certain that our climbers have enough time to make that flight to the Ice!

We will post updates regularly, and encourage you to post comments for your climbers.  We cannot always get those comments to the climbers in Antarctica, but they will really appreciate reading your kind wishes and warm thoughts when they return to “civilization.”  To post a comment, click on the title of a post, which will open the post in a new page, with the comment section at bottom.




  1. Hi Bill! Hope you made it safe and sound to Punta Arenas with all of your gear. The hotel looks like it will be fabulous. Dropped the box off. Everyone will be thinking of you and following your expedition. Take care ML and be safe. Your oao

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