Denali General Update

As we have tried to stress in our previous posts, satellite calls from Denali are not a sure thing, and this season it seems as if satellite connections are more temperamental than ever, so teams cannot always call in an audio post.  We do have updates on all of our teams, and want to keep everyone as informed as possible, so here you go:

May 30 Priya and Greg Team – They took a rest day at high camp yesterday, and are hoping/planning to go to the summit today.  The weather looks good, so we hope to hear that they are headed up in just a couple of hours.

May 30 Team – As posted below, our other May 30 team climbed up to the summit and is back in high camp.  They had a great day on the upper mountain and enjoyed clear views in all directions.

June 2 Team – The crew moved up to high camp to join the two other Mountain Trip teams inhabiting the 17,200′ camp.  They climbed up the fixed lines from the 14,200′ camp to their terminus at 16,200′ and continued along the beautiful ridge line that ascends another 1000′ to their last camp on their climb.

June 9 (Into Thin Hair) Team – The team has followed a slightly different schedule from most of our other expeditions, and they took a rest day in the stunning, 11,200′ basin yesterday.  They plan to carry up and around Windy Corner today, which is always a tough, long day.  They have to climb up a long hill that borders the east side of their camp and then another series of steep sections before gaining a long, gently rising stretch known as the Polo Fields.  At the far end of this long stretch, they will climb another steep hill to round Windy Corner.

Windy Corner is a prominent, steep ridge line that drops down off the granitic, ice and rock West Buttress proper.  Climbers must pass around the corner, which tends to funnel wind, hence it’s name.  The weather for today looks pretty nice, so they might not get to experience Windy Corner in it’s full value, but that’s just fine!


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