Ecuador Team – Fuya Fuya photos

The team had a great day climbing to the summit of Fuya Fuya, a 13.986′ (4263m) volcano, that is actually part of two conjoined volcanoes, which form a complex of high alpine crags, and stunning lakes.  The team began their hike at a lake called Laguna Grande and followed a trail through the “paramo,” a local term for the grasslands that are located above the cloud forests that are so prevalent in this part of the Andes.


The team on the shore of Laguna Grande, the trailhead for hiking to the top of Fuya Fuya.  From left, Helmut, Matt, David, Scott, Pablo and Sebastian


Heading up through the tall grasses of the paramo.

Fuya Fuya 2014

Ecuador Fuya Fuya volcano

The team on top of Fuya Fuya!

The team is currently nestled in for the night at a very nice, very old hacienda.  Today was a long one, as some of the team arrived in country late yesterday evening.  They had the chance to experience some of the excitement of traveling in Ecuador, such as narrow, steep cobbled streets and roads in jeopardy of being taken over by the surrounding cloud forests.

Ecuadorian streets


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