Going for the Summit!

We got a call early in the morning from the team at Camp 4, who has made the decision to attempt the summit today!   We will post an update as soon as we get one.

Choosing an appropriate time to make an attempt is a complex process. We use information from the most current and accurate forecasting services to make our initial push.  The weather is looking good right now: not perfect, but good.

As of now, the team will head up and assess further conditions before moving higher.  There are moderate winds currently.  If they determine the winds too strong, they will turn around and return to camp, and attempt the summit again in the next day or two.

Our generous oxygen program allows Mountain Trip teams to make multiple summit attempts. Having this flexibility is relatively uncommon on Everest. Most teams only have enough oxygen for one summit attempt.  Ours enables our guides to be ultimately conservative in decision making, as we’re not putting all our eggs in one basket.

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