In Mendoza!

Most of the team at the hotel in Mendoza

Hola from Argentina,

The first Mountain Trip expedition of the year is just one delayed piece of luggage away from hitting the road for the trailhead!

The team became complete with the arrival of Greg Harris yesterday. Not even an Ecuadorian volcanic eruption could keep him from arriving in good spirits, although it did prevent his duffel containing much of his mountain kit from arriving in Mendoza with him. Fortunately, Greg heeded our advice to travel with his boots, which will simplify matters, should we have to go shopping.

It has been a lot of fun packing the food for our trip. David and Lawrence arrived early and wanted to join in the fun, and they have been of great help and entertainment for Fermin and I. We have been shopping, indulging in memorable meals and have gotten lost wandering the streets of Mendoza (of which I will be razed about throughout the trip; what kind of mountain guide gets lost in the city?).

It’s been great, but it is time to get out of the heat of the city and head to Aconcagua. We are keeping out fingers crossed for the arrival of the missing mountain duffel.

Chris Kerrick
Mendoza, Argentina

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