It was a beautiful, but hot, day today on the upper mountain, and the team took advantage of the nice weather and cached a load of food and personal equipment at 16,400′. The team started the day with a steep ascent immediately out of camp. After approximately 1400′ of elevation gain, the team began their ascent of the β€œHeadwall”, a steep section on the West Buttress route that has fixed lines to aide in the ascent. Once at the top of the Headwall, the team climbed an additional 200β€² to the cache site. The team was rewarded with beautiful views of the Genet basin, and 14 Camp.


A Mountain Trip climber ascends the steep Headwall, which climbs from about 15,600′ to the crest of a ridge at 16,200′.

Seba reports that everyone is moving well and feeling good. Here’s Seba:


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