May 20th Team- Jacob called in from 14,200′

Jacob called in a couple of hours ago to report that the May 20th team is baking in the sun at 14,200′ (4328m).  He said it was very hot and that it was a beautiful day without a wisp of breeze.

They spent the day practicing some of the skills that they will need to employ when they move higher onto the route, such as fixed line ascending and passing running belays.  Everyone got plenty of time practicing with their ascenders (mechanical rope clamps) in preparation for tomorrow’s carry up the 600′ of fixed lines that will see them on top of the beautiful and fun ridge that goes from 16,200′ to high camp at 17,200′.

They had fun watching another Mountain Trip team climb up the steep and technical terrain of the West Rib on their summit bid and have been in radio contact with several of our teams that are heading to the top today.

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