May 26 Team – Gear Check Complete And One Step Closer!

The members of our May 26th Team met with our three Mountain Trip guides this morning to complete an equipment check and to discuss many things regarding their fast-approaching climb of Denali.  Everyone’s kit looked really good, which is not always the case with climbers preparing for an expedition as unique as one up Denali.  The gear check was fast and the team packed up some snacks that they will nibble on for the next two to three weeks.

We made a quick trip to the local gear shops and one run to south Anchorage to find an extra battery for one climber’s camera, and then the team returned to the Millennium Alaska Hotel for the evening.  The plan is for the crew to depart Anchorage at 8 am tomorrow and make the two hour drive up to Talkeetna, Alaska.  They have a bit more paperwork to do for the National Park Service and they will attend an orientation provided by the NPS to all Denali climbers.  Following all that, weather permitting, they will fly from the verdant foliage of Talkeetna to the stark white , gray and black of the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier!

Denali expedition

Nick, with two bags of snacks for his climb.

Denali expedition

Juarez sends a special “Thank You thumbs up to Laura Duncan, our Office Manager!


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  1. Vamos Feña….a romperla subiendo!!!…cuidate harto, un abrazo!!! nos comunicamos por acá….suerte a todo el equipo

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