May 31 Team Fubar at 14,000′ Camp

Today the team will practice the skills they need to keep moving uphill.   The next part of the route includes steep fixed lines and running protection. The fixed lines climb a section of the west buttress just below the ridge that leads to high camp. Once Team Fubar climbs the fixed lines, they will continue on the ridge to another cache location at approximately 16,400′. To get there they will need to use running protection that involves hammering snow pickets into the ridge and clipping their climbing rope to them while traveling. This objective requires significant teamwork and skill. I hope that the weather will allow this team to move up after today’s training.


  1. Stay safe! We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is optimal for you to make the ascent to 16,400.

  2. Hi Team Fubar delighted to hear that you have moved up to 14,000 Camp and you are all in such good spirts. Great to hear your voices and you all sound like you are really enjoying yourselves which is great. Lovely to get your call today Terry and I wish you guys all the best of luck for the next section of the journey. Look after yourselves and looking forward to the next installments

    Jackie x

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