Duncan Stuart arrived in Alaska and met with guide team Jacob Schmitz and Danny Donovan at the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage. They reviewed the expedition itinerary, went through Duncan’s personal kit and they are currently on the road to Talkeetna. In Talkeetna, the team will participate in a mandatory National Park Service climber orientation and weigh-in all of their equipment and supplies with our air services provider. It’s a beautiful, clear day in Talkeetna and if the weather holds the team will fly to the glacier later this afternoon.

Hello Team!

Hello Team!


Welcome back to Denali, Duncan!

Denali expedition

Denali, as seen from the south.

We will update this dispatch page as often as we hear from the team.  Please keep in mind that communications from the rugged Alaska Range can be challenging on a good, clear day.  When the weather is tough, calls from satellite phones can be even more disrupted.  If a day or two passes with no update, please hold onto the age old saying of, “No news is good news!”


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