Meet the May 26 Team!

On Sunday, May 26th, a small group of climbers will meet in Anchorage, AK to join a team of Mountain Trip guides for an attempt to climb the highest peak in North America.  Denali rises 20,320′ above the not-too-distant sea.  Located close to the Arctic Circle, it is famous for presenting climbers with extreme cold and weather, in addition to it’s high elevation.  Climbers have been attempting to climb the peak for over 100 years and we are celebrating the centennial of the first ascent of the mountain this year.

Mountain Trip has long been known for thinking outside the box, and for helping climbers pursue their dreams.  This trip is the result of one climber’s dream to attempt the mountain in a manner that would help him have the best possible chance for success, and we are happy to have entered into a collaboration with him to craft this trip.

Let’s meet the team:

Lloyd Charton from California

Rick Piette from Nevada

Nicole Passage from Arizona


And our team of guides:

Peter Inglis from Colorado

Mike Thurk from Colorado

Jim Toman from Colorado

Brian Kramp from Alaska

Zac Davies from Alaska


We will post updates on the team’s progress as we hear from them, but often, weather and work can prevent teams from calling out on their satellite phones.  Please keep in mind that no news is truly good news.

The team will meet on the 26th for an orientation and the guides will check out each climbers’ gear.  They will spend the rest of the day running around Anchorage to pick up any last minute necessities and will spend the night at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel before packing up and making the two hour drive north to Talkeetna on Monday.  In Talkeetna, they will finish their registration with the National Park Service and attend an orientation presented by NPS Rangers.  After completing the required NPS procedures, they will fly into the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier with our friends at Talkeetna Air Taxi, weather permitting.

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