Aconcagua Summit Day (2)

The team is making great progress as Jacob called in from their first big food and water break at the old “Independencia Hut” along the route to the summit.   Don’t be fooled by the “Hut” in the name, it is a tiny falling down shelter, but a landmark along the route and a good place to stop for a break.    They’ll fuel up and continue upwards toward the “Caneleta”, a long rock gully system that will lead them to the summit ridge.   The next stop is a small cave at the base of the Caneleta where they’ll take another break before pushing towards the summit.   High wind is common on Aconcagua, and can end a summit attempt, but it sounds like they are getting lucky with the weather as the winds aren’t too high this morning and seem to be diminishing.

Here’s the call:



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