Denali West Rib Team – Camped at 11,200′

Jochen called in a nice post from 11,200′ today.  The team has been working hard, but their original route choice was thwarted by a week of bad weather, so they are now heading up the West Buttress, seeking fun climbing, and perhaps a nice view, as they climb higher.



  1. Jochen,

    great to hear your voice and glad you to hear you sound in good spirits! Will circulate the post around as I am sure others will appreciate it too!

    Best of luck in the next few days!


  2. Jochen, nice to hear from you from so far 🙂 Cheers and looking forward to having you back in DC and celebrate

  3. Same as Magnus
    We’re with you Mate ! Your Germano/Irish fighting spirit will take you there ! Share the greetings and encouragement with the Irish buddy on the team and the others.

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