On the way down, more stormy weather

The team is on the way down the mountain, but are still encountering snow and wind.   They are getting pretty used to it by now, but have certainly had their share of bad luck with the weather.   They continued down last night to the 11,000 ft basin (Camp 2) and spent the night there.   The winds and snow were making travel and visibility difficult.  They’ll rest during the remainder of today and continue their descent towards base camp tonight if the weather allows.  They have a lot of company on the descent, all of the remaining expeditions on the mountain for the season are descending together at this point.  It was a particularly stormy stretch for over a week now and it prevented any summits at the end of the season.   The weather will probably turn beautiful as soon as they get off the mountain, but their time is up and they gave it their best shot.

They are hoping to be in base camp tomorrow morning and Talkeetna Air Taxi has a couple of planes ready to go pick them up when they arrive.

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