Welcome to our May 8th West Buttress Expedition

Thanks for joining our May 8th team as they attempt to summit the highest mountain in north America, via it’s classic West Buttress route.  A mountaineering expedition to Denali begins months if not years before the climbers ever set foot on the mountain and these climbers have been preparing physically and acquiring the appropriate equipment for the endeavor for a long time.

Today, the team met in Anchorage, Alaska, at one of the more iconic climber stepping off points, the Earth Bed and Breakfast.  Five climbers and three Mountain Trip guides began the day by talking about the days to come and then carefully going over each climbers’ equipment.  The last minute odds and ends were acquired and the team will load up tomorrow morning for the two hour drive to the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska where they will register with the National Park Service and then fly to the glacier to commence their ascent.  Let’s meet the team!

Michelle Napoli
Brian Desloge
Giuseppe Ruffino
Chris Jentz
Ryan Weidert
Nigel Smith
Micheal Burmeister (lead guide)
Adam Smith (guide)
Eric Gullickson (guide)

We’ll keep you updated on the team and hope you enjoy the posts!

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