West Rib Signing Out

Jorg with a note given to the team last year while he was part of a benefit climb for a small school for special needs kids in SW Colorado. Jorg saved the note to carry it to the summit for the kids of the Piedra Learning Community, a non-profit school run under the auspices of Skills For Living and Learning (www.skillsforlivingandlearning.org). Mountain Trip supports this school through fundraising efforts and benefit climbs. GOOD ON YOU JORG!

The Last SupperJorg with Colorado Kid's Message

This years West Rib/Riblet trip was thoroughly enjoyable, we had great weather, great, conditions, and a great group. We were lucky enough to enjoy splendid views on the upper mountain from a perch at 16,300 almost entirely to our self. Our summit day was technical in nature, long in elevation, and highly satisfying. Our decent was rapid but unrushed with time to reflect on the mountains and ourselves. The biggest disappointment of the trip was Kathleen and Jim’s early departure. We wish them well! Thanks for fallowing our adventure.

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